Carpet durability

Carpet floors are such a popular choice for many homes and can be found in almost any room. The material is cozy, and provides a nice feeling of warmth. However, what do you look for when it comes to its durability?

The durability factor

This is essentially the measure of how long carpet will look and feel great. You ideally want your material to retain its initial texture and appearance, for as long as possible. The density, fiber, and twist all determine a carpet's durability. We outline each of these characteristics below.

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This describes the amount of pile in the carpet and the proximity of tufts in relation to one another. As a general guideline, the denser a carpet is, the better its durability.


Throughout the carpet manufacturing process, natural or synthetic fiber is converted into yarn tufted, or even locked into a backing, to then form what becomes the surface of the carpet. The most popular carpet fiber is nylon, followed by, in no particular order, polypropylene, polyester, and wool. Nylon has a great all around blend of soil and stain resistant properties and requires very little maintenance.
Luxury carpet in Indianapolis from Brothers Floor Covering


This is the way that the twist of the fiber filaments is spun into yarn, and how the yarn is twisted upon itself. The twist is typically locked into the fiber through a good process of steaming. The tighter the twist, the more that the carpet will repel changes in both texture and appearance.

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