Waterproof Flooring in Indianapolis, IN


Vinyl Care & Maintenance

Because vinyl floor care and maintenance is so easy with a resilient floor, there is no cause for concern when it comes to spots, spills, or scuffs left by shoes. By observing a few precautions, and with proper vinyl care and maintenance, you can ensure that your vinyl floor always looks its best.

Buying Tips for Vinyl Flooring

Some products are designed to help you reduce subfloor preparation costs. Next to ceramic tile, vinyl flooring installation demands properly prepared subflooring. Many of the printed cushion vinyl products are very thin. When they are installed with a full spread of adhesive over a poorly prepared subfloor, irregularities can telegraph through. Products designed for perimeter installation will greatly reduce the effects of subfloor irregularities while lowering subfloor preparation costs. In fact, many of these products can be installed over you existing flooring. There are special considerations when choosing sheet vinyl flooring. Asphalt staining or dragging heavy objects across the floor can result in permanent damage to vinyl surfaces.